Conditions Of Play, Laws & Regulations – Zone 10

Conditions of Play

2017 Zone 10 Conditions of Play

Guidelines for play of Zone 10 Championships

2019 RNSWBA Conditions of Play

2020 RNSWBA Conditions of Play (effective 1/1/2020)


Laws of the Sport of Bowls

Rule handbooks containing the Laws of The Sport of Bowls and current BA Domestic Regulations are available for purchase from Bowls NSW. A generic online version (does not contain Domestic Regulations) can be viewed at: Crystal Mark Third Edition V3.1 (Jan 2019)


State Regulations, Constitution, Policies, Program

RNSWBA State Regulations

RNSWBA Constitution

Bowls NSW Association Event Attire Policy

BowlsNSW 2020 Season Program 

Bowls NSW Member Protection Policy

Bowls NSW Sun Smart Policy