State/Zone Triples

2018 State/Zone Triples

2018 STate Triples (excel)
2018 State Triples (pdf)

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2017 State Triples Results


Winners Triples 2017

Winners State Triples
G Lewis, S Thompson, T Ellem

Runners-up State Triples
M Calvert, S Hatch-Cacamo, M Wolter 

2017 Zone 10 Triples Results

Winners Zone Triples

Winner Zone 10 Triples
C Williams, B Nahirny, R Thorp

Runners-up Zone 10 Triples
R Inman, J Archer, W Comber


Entry Forms

2017 State Triples Excel

2017 State Triples PDF

2017 Zone Reserve Triples Excel

2017 Zone Reserve Triples PDF

2016 State and Zone Reserve Triples Championships

The Finals of the 2016 State and Zone Reserve Triples Championships will be held at Greenlees Park BC this weekend, with Semi-Final action in the State Triples begining at 9am. Live socres are avaiable to view below or on the Zone 10 App.

2016 Triples Results 

2016 State Triples - Results

Winners - Gareth Lewis, Mason Lewis & Shawn Thompson (Merrylands)

Runners-Up - Michael Debono, Brett Hughes & Shannon White (NBC Sports)

2016 Zone Rerserve Triples - Results

Winners - Michael Brown, Ken Ashton, Stephen Pollard (Sub) & Prini Tai (Wenty Leagues)

Runners-Up - Laurence Herbert, Frank Jones & Warren Phillips (Pennant Hills)

Historical Results

2015 Triples Results

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