What is the Pennant Cup?

Pennant Cup is 1 rink of 4 players – intended generally for those players on your Pennant roster, that regularly miss selection or are not selected consistently to represent your club in Pennant each week.

Thank you to Club Merrylands, sponsors of the Pennant Cup

A big thank you to Club Merrylands who are sponsoring the Zone 10 Pennant Cup for 2020. This Pennant cup concept has worked well in Zone 13 for well over five years now.

How your club can be a part of the Pennant Cup

I’m sure there are many clubs, who have reserve players, but just not quite enough to nominate for that extra Pennant grade in normal State Pennant competition.

Now you can enter one or two rinks (4 or 8 players), who know they will be playing at Merrylands Bowling Club for the nine weeks (no round on Sunday 8th March), starting from Saturday 29th February.

It’s important to note that the players participating may change from week to week. There is also no penalty if you need to use a lot of those reserves for a normal Pennant round and you cannot field your Pennant Cup rink.

Call to action…

If you have at least 4 spare players from week to week, please strongly consider entering a side in the Zone 10 Pennant Cup and supporting this new initiative.

It provides a great opportunity for new players, older members or players of lesser ability to pull on the club colours and represent their club with pride too, in a more competitive, yet fun and social atmosphere.

It is proposed that there will be a finals system for the Pennant Cup and will also be played in conjunction with the Pennant finals of all the other grades, 2-7.

We only have greens space for 14 teams or rinks, so please act promptly to be sure not to miss out. Any further questions or queries can be directed to the Zone Coordinator via phone or email.