Mid-Week Pennants – 5 aSide

Result Sheets 2019

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2018 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition

MWP Result Sheet_Manual.pdf

2018 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition results table

2018 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition Draw

2018  5_A_Side Mid Week Competition COP

2018 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition (excel)

2018 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition (pdf)

2018 5_Aside_Midweek Entries – 27/2/18



2017 5_A_Side Mid Week Competition

Grade A
Winner – Merrylands

A Wood, N Burkett, G Miechels, C Edgarton, T Imer

Runner-up – North Epping

P Delves, W Daley, M Havron, M Hollier, R Gallop

Grade B
Winner – Denistone Sports

N Martelli, K Smith, J Myer, V Tagg, J Kennedy

Runner up – The Hills District

G Christoffel, R Donaldson, R Moye, V Ardill, R McMahon

Grade C
Winner: –
NBC Sports Club

W Weekley, S Blackburn, L Willis, S Thompson, D Wallace

Runner-up –
Castle Hill

K Herbert, C White, L Duffey, B McLeod, J Leighton

Semi-Finals, Finals 

2017 5-Aisde-Mid-Week Competition-COP

2017 5-aside-mid-week-competition Grade A scoreboard

2017 5-aside-mid-week-competition Grade B scoreboard

2017 5-aside-mid-week-competition Grade C scoreboard 


2017 5-Aside-Mid-Week-Competition Draw

2017 5-Aside-Mid-Week-Competition Result Sheet xls

2017 5-Aside-Mid-Week-Competition Result Sheet pdf

 2017 Mid-Week Competition entries  

 2017 Mid Week Competition Entry Form

Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 Mid-Week 5-a-side competition and thanks to membership of Brush Park BC for their tremendous effort as hosts, in particular – Richard Summerhayes, John Forbes, John Roddy & Trevor Siviour.

Season Results

2016 Mid-Week Pennants Finals – Results

2016 Mid-Week 5-a-side- Season Results

A Grade

Winners – NBC Sports

Runners-Up – The Hills

B Grade

Winners – Gladesville Sports

Runners-Up  – The Hills

C Grade

Winners – Toongabbie Sports

Runners-Up – Dural Country Club

Draws and Results

2016 Mid-Week 5-a-side Results

2016 Mid-Week 5-a-side Draw – All Grades

2016 Mid-Week 5-a-side Forms

Mid-Week 5-a-side COP

Mid-Week 5-a-side Result Sheet – Excel

Mid-Week 5-a-side Result Sheet – PDF

Historical Results

2015 Mid-Week 5-a-side