2021 Zone 10 / State Pennants / Pennant Cup

State Finals

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Bowls NSW Limited has postponed the 2021 State Pennant (Open Gender) Finals. See notice from Bowls NSW here: 2021 STATE PENNANT FINALS (OPEN GENDER) – RESCHEDULED

The rescheduled dates are:

  • Grades 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 7 to be played Friday, 10th September to Sunday, 12th September.
  • Grades 1 & 6 to be played Friday, 17th September to Sunday, 19th September.

Zone 10 Finals

Runner Up: Toongabbie

Runner Up: Hunters Hill

Runner Up: Dundas Sports

Runner Up: NBC Sports

Runner Up: Wenty Leagues

Runner Up: Dundas Sports

Sectional Play

The 2021 Pennant season ran from Saturday, 6th March for Grades 2-7, with Grade 1 from Friday, 9th April.

Familiarise yourself with the updated Bowls NSW Conditions of Play (COP) through the links below.

Grades 2-7 dates

  1. Saturday, 6th March
  2. Saturday, 13th March
  3. Saturday, 20th March
  4. Saturday, 27th March
  5. Saturday, 10th April
  6. Saturday, 17th April
  7. Saturday, 24th April
  8. Saturday, 1st May
  9. Saturday, 8th May
  10. Saturday, 15th May

Extreme Weather Dates Grades 2-7

  • Sunday, 11th April
  • Sunday, 18th April
  • Sunday, 16th May

2021 Zone 10 Pennant Cup

Pennant Cup matches will all be played at Dundas Sports Club, 9 Elder Road, Dundas.

Check the draw – 2021 Pennant Cup Draw for matches and dates.

Check the competition progress here: Pennant Cup Results & Ladder