Bowls in NSW – Q&A on Unification Voting Process

21 April 2021
Members’ Information and Voting Pack – Electronic Version Dear Members,
We are pleased to notify you that on Tuesday, April 6th 2021, our respective Boards unanimously passed resolutions and agreed to proceed to the Member vote for Unification of our two associations.

We have provided each club with ten (10) printed copies of the Members’ Information and Voting Pack. These should arrive by post over the coming days.
In addition, this document is now available on our respective websites at the following link: Click here to download Members’ Information and Voting Pack

The Members’ Information and Voting Pack has also been emailed to all Club Office Bearers, Zone and District Representatives and Bowls Club Members.

A reminder of key dates to be aware of, to ensure that we meet our respective timelines:
* April 16 – Member Information and Voting Pack (MIVP) distributed to all Clubs and bowlers.
* April 23 – Notice of all club General Meeting’s must be distributed by the Club Secretary.
* May 30 – Club votes must be received.
– BNSW: The vote by the Club Secretary must be completed and submitted to the Zone.
– WBNSW: The electronic vote by the Club Secretary must be received by midnight May 30th. 
* May 31 – WBNSW and BNSW SGM and final vote day.
Finally, a reminder that we continue to welcome any questions you may have throughout the unification process.
These can also be submitted to unification@bowlsnsw.com.au.

Yours sincerely,
Anne Johns  CEO – Women’s Bowls NSW
Greg Helm CEO – Bowls NSWClick here to download the Members Information Pack.