UNIFICATION – New draft company constitution


Our respective organisations unanimously passed Board resolutions over the Easter break to endorse a unified structure and progress the Unification Process to the member vote.

With the upcoming vote by members approaching, we would like to provide all Club, Zone and District representatives with an opportunity to review the draft Constitution of the new entity, Bowls New South Wales Limited.

If you would like to provide any feedback, we have attached a form to assist in structuring responses, and given the timelines we are working towards, all feedback will need to be received by midnight on Wednesday April 14.

All feedback must be submitted to unification@bowlsnsw.com.au.

Draft Timeline For The Coming Weeks

A reminder that we are working towards the following draft timelines.

Clubs will be formally notified of these dates initially through email, along with the notice of meeting and Member Information and Voting Pack on April 16 (or thereabouts).

  • April 7 – Draft Constitution circulated to all Clubs, Zones and Districts for feedback
  • April 16 – Member Information Pack (MIP) distributed to all Clubs and bowlers.
  • April 23 – Notice of all Club General Meeting’s must be distributed by the Club Secretary.
  • May 30 – Club votes must be received.
    • BNSW: The vote by the Club Secretary must be completed and submitted to the Zone.
    • WBNSW: The electronic vote by the Club Secretary must be received by midnight May 30th.
  •  May 31 – WBNSW and BNSW SGM and final vote day.

Please note that these dates may be subject to slight changes. Up until the vote we will be distributing regular communication updates, to ensure members are kept fully informed.

Finally, a reminder that we continue to welcome any questions you may have throughout the unification process. These can also be submitted to unification@bowlsnsw.com.au.

Please follow this link for the New Draft Co-Constitution: https://www.bowlsnsw.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2021/04/New-Co-Constitution.07.04.2021-Draft-Member-Distribution-Copy.pdf

Please follow this link for the circular ‘New Entity Draft Constitution – For Member Feedback’: https://www.bowlsnsw.com.au/wp-content/uploads/sites/16/2021/04/SBP-Bowls-in-NSW-Circular-Draft-Constitution-April-7.pdf

Please follow this link for the member feedback form: https://www.bowlsnsw.com.au/unification-news/

Yours sincerely

Anne Johns                                                           Greg Helm

CEO – Women’s Bowls NSW                                CEO – Bowls NSW

Jennifer Hirama | Executive Secretary
Level 5, 309 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000

P: (02) 9283 4555 | W: www.rnswba.org.au