2023-24 Zone 10 State Open Pennant

Sectional Play

Sectional Play for the 2023-24 Zone 10 State Open Pennant Season consists of 6 rounds (10 rounds for Grade 3) commencing on Saturday, 6th April 2024.

State Finals – Dates & Venues

Conditions of Play

Frequently Asked Questions

Side Managers Timetable | Blind Draw Required for Rink Match Ups

  • The Side Managers shall be at the Venue Club not less than forty (40) minutes before the starting time of the event.
  • The Side Managers are to complete a blind draw for rinks and for the match up of teams and who plays against whom. See pp.3 of this training document on how to do any rink swaps before the scores are inputted by the home club and finalised. NSW Pennant Training Manual
  • Managers shall advise the Controlling Body of the draw and allocation of rinks not less than thirty (30) minutes before the starting time of the event.
  • Trial ends shall commence not later than twenty (20) minutes before the starting time of the event.

Play Not Completed – NSW Open State Pennant | CoP

i. If a match is stopped due to inclement weather, the Controlling Body can allow for a period of up to 60 minutes to determine whether play can be re-commenced.
ii. If a match is stopped and unable to be resumed, the match shall be a) Deemed to be completed if 54 or more ends have been completed b) resumed at a later date if less than 54 ends have been completed.
iii. The zone should notify all participating clubs of any dates allocated for matches to be resumed as soon as practicable.
iv. If a match is not completed and cannot be resumed, any score cards used must be signed by both teams, noting time of stoppage, and handed to the controlling body. Upon any resumption of play, on a later date, the teams are allowed 2 trial ends each, with the match resuming from the end last played.
v. Host Clubs must notify the zone of any match not able to be completed on the day of play together with reason for stoppage.
vi. Zones may determine that if a match will have no bearing on sectional results that it is not required to be completed and the match will be declared a tie (5 points each).
vii. If a match is determined that it is not required to be completed, the match will still count towards a player’s season grading.


Practice before Pennant matches is at the discretion of the controlling body of the home club. Certainly, for a.m. matches and come finals time, it may only be possible for the normal two trial ends only.

The Zone 10 Match Committee, however, recommends the following, but individual clubs do not have to abide by this.

Practice Recommendation

Players may practice up to thirty (30) minutes prior to the scheduled start time of a match. The Zone 10 Match Committee recommends that the home club should make the green of play available to visitors at a minimum from, 12.10pm – 12.30pm, with cards to be called at 12.35pm.

Players may not practice on the rink on which they are drawn to play, once the rink draw is finalised by the Managers.

Trial ends are to begin at 12.40pm.

Match commences at 1pm for normal Saturday play.