2022-23 Zone 10 Pennant Cup



Greenlees Park (2) defeated NBC Sports Blue(1) at The Hills BC.

Sectional Play

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What is the Pennant Cup?

Pennant Cup is for individual teams of fours. Your club could enter 1, 2 or 3 rinks of 4 players – intended generally for those players on your Pennant roster that regularly miss selection or are not selected consistently to represent your club in Pennants each week.  

Thank you to DUNDAS SPORTS, for hosting this event for 2023, with assistance and green space at NBC SPORTS if required too.

How can your club be a part of the Pennant Cup?

Clubs can enter one, two or three rinks (4, 8 or even 12 players), who know they will be playing at Dundas Sports or NBC Sports over the course of the 10 Saturdays of Pennants. The actual draw will be conducted and rounds confirmed once we know numbers and the total amount of rinks entered from each club.

It’s important to note that the players participating may change from week to week. There is also no penalty if you need to use a lot of those reserves for a normal Pennant round and you cannot field your Pennant cup rink. If you don’t have quite enough to fulfil your Pennant Cup rinks, then one of your Pennant Cup rinks would forfeit that week with no negative consequences or fines that you normally would get in State Pennant.

It provides a great opportunity for new players, older members or players of lesser ability to pull on the club colours and represent their club with pride too, in a more competitive, yet fun and social atmosphere.

It is proposed that there will be a finals system for the Pennant Cup and will also be played in conjunction with the pennan finals of all the other grades, 2-7.

Cost is $20 per rink per week to cover the cost of snacks after the game

Updated 22/2/23