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Zone 10 Update on Committees and Zone Representation

After some recent resignations of Executive Committee members, like Brett Hughes, who will be leaving us after the Zone 10 Presentation Night, the following changes to the Zone 10 Committees are as follows:

Executive Committee

New Members: David Bremner (Castle Hill) and Mike Ingersoll (Dundas Sports)

Selection Committee

New Members: Shane Clarke (Wenty Leagues), Chair, Peter Harry (Merrylands) and Michael Clarke (Merrylands)

Please forward this link below or complete details for any of your members who wish to be considered for Zone 10 Representative Selection. Expressions of interest close on Thursday 31st August 2023.


Having just accepted the position of Zone 10 Chairman of Selectors I thought I might reach out and touch base with you. Most of you know me as Phantom, officially I am Shane Clarke. I bring to the position over 20 years of bowls experience having played with and against some of the best bowlers in the world. The last 14 years I have played number 1 Pennants and/or Champions League and Premier League. I also was a member of the Zone 12 winning Interzone teams of 2016 and 2017.

It has been 22 years since Zone 10 won the Open Interzone and 12 years since our last final appearance. Our Seniors fair a bit better with 2 wins and a runners up over the last 16 years. Our goal as Selectors will be to build teams that perform consistently well at these events. It will not happen overnight and your support to achieve this will be greatly appreciated. 


Shane Clarke